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A community where nothing special is needed, there is nothing missing and nothing extra you have to be, to be Just This.


A monk said to Kempo Osho, “I still wonder where the road can be.” Kempo lifted his staff, drew a line in the ground, and said, “Here it is.”  The Gateless Gate Case 48.

In the eighth century Dongshan, about to leave his beloved teacher Yunyan, asked him, “Later on, if I am asked to describe your teachings, what should I tell people?”

Yunyan replied: “Just This is it.”

Welcome, we are a sangha, a community of friends, who meet to support each other in deepening and expressing our connection to all of life. We know that there is nothing special, nothing missing, and nothing extra needed to be Just This, to be with this, our precious life. 

You are very welcome to join us in our practice,

Click here for details & links to online meetings.

Zazen – just sitting – is the foundation of our practice. At the heart of our community is our shared commitment to compassionate inquiry, mutual care and deep gratitude, demonstrated through our everyday actions, words and thoughts. This practice supports our aspiration to open to all of life, as an expression of the timeless wisdom of Buddha’s Way.

Just This welcomes visitors and people new to practice as well as experienced students. Our emphasis and wider purpose is to encourage people to integrate their sitting practice into their everyday lives.

We welcome people of all races, cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, classes, religions, abilities, and ages. We are committed to providing a safe place for all people to explore the dharma and awaken to their true nature.

We want to offer our deep gratitude and thanks to all the innumerable people whose practice and dedication have kept the flame of the dharma alive and well. We want to acknowledge that our western iteration of practice rests on the efforts of all those who practised for centuries in their own non-western cultures.